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Established in 1993, K&D Woodwork is a family owned and operated company. Ken and David Burgin founded the company on the basis of quality customer service and superior design. K&D Woodwork has grown considerably since its conception and has been voted as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Wood Product Manufactures by Wood and Wood Products Magazine.

K&D Woodwork prides itself on being a fully custom operation, designing every aspect of each job to fit the customer's needs and taste. Using only the highest quality materials and never using particle board gives K&D Woodwork confidence in every product they sell. Competitive pricing, available to individuals as well as builders, poses little challenge to K&D Woodwork. Already established in the Texas market, the customer base of K&D Woodwork is growing to include other parts of the country, such as Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Virginia. We would be glad to provide our reputable product to you, wherever that may be.

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